North West Stole The Show In Kim K’s GQ Cover Story

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There's a lot to love about Kim Kardashian's GQ cover story. You will feel delight in the way she recommends her interviewer have a hot dog for lunch. You will feel surprise when she chooses sex with Jimmy Kimmel in a round of "Hump, Marry, Kill," in what is probably one of the best days of the late-night host's life. You will feel shock at Kardashian's version of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud. But mainly, you will feel warm on the inside and whatever the word is for when you feel proud of a stranger's child after you encounter North West's role in the interview.
At one point during the interview, Kardashian and her interviewer are at the star's home, sitting on a couch and chatting. North has just returned from the park and she rolls up in "a cowgirl costume worn over purple pajama pants." She informs her mother of the most important thing happening in her life. "I'm making purple noodles."
First of all, thank you for continuing to be the fashion icon you have always been. Second of all, can we please expect "purple noodles" to at least be a lyric in a subsequent Kanye album, if not the name of the album itself?
It only gets better. "What are purple noodles, silly girl?" Kardashian asks her daughter. But how rude, because North is already in deep, meaningful conversation with a couch cushion. "I'm good," she says to the furniture.
An insightful mother, Kardashian wonders if North is ready for a rest after such a tiresome day of making noodles in her cowgirl outfit. But the toddler, ever discerning, refuses the option to sleep in her mother's bed. Instead, she sets up shop in Kardashian's lap, where I can only imagine she takes a disco nap before returning to the vast and glamorous world that is her childhood.

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