Lena Dunham Loves Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfies

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At first blush, Lena Dunham and Kim Kardashian don’t have a ton in common. But if you dig a little deeper, both are creative geniuses with a predilection for getting naked on camera. Hell, they both have musician partners. So it’s not exactly a huge shock that Dunham would publicly declare her love for the Kardashians. "I love the Kardashians—I love to look at them," Dunham says in a clip captured during Power Women Breakfast series hosted by TheWrap. "I'm all about it." She says that she doesn’t believe in dictating how women should express themselves. "I have no interest in, like, getting on a soapbox and making decisions about what should make other women feel beautiful or feel healthy or feel strong," said Dunham. Dunham identifies criticisms directed at the Kardashians, particularly at Kim’s nude selfies, as symptomatic of a larger issue. "I think that's a big part of the problem with the feminist dialogue on the internet right now is like, why are we screaming at each other?" Dunham says. Dunham wants her future child to grow up in a world in which people have some insulation from criticism. "I don't have a child, but I feel like that's a lot of people's arguments, like, 'I don't want my daughter growing up in this world,' " Dunham says. "I'm like, 'I want my daughter growing up in a world where there's, like, a million options about what's okay to do and how it's okay to look.' " Dunham has long been a firebrand in support of all women, not just a few. Her show, Girls, has come under fire for lack of intersectionality. But nobody would accuse Dunham of having a narrow mind when it comes to feminism.

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