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Justin Trudeau Is Your Political Woke Bae

Learn why Justin Trudeau is a woke bae.

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If you've been online lately, you probably know a few fun facts about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. For instance, he's really good at yoga. And he wants both men and women to call themselves feminists. He is, as simply put by comedians Phoebe Robinson and Awkwafina, a woke bae. Robinson is the fearless host of Refinery29's Woke Bae YouTube series, bringing you famous men who are amazing, brilliant, and affecting positive change in the world. One of the reasons Trudeau is deemed a woke bae worthy of the show is that he's spoken about the need to raise boys as feminists as well as girls. Plus, he's proactive about making sure women have equal opportunities — he has a gender-balanced cabinet, made up of 15 men and 15 women. Trudeau also welcomed Syrian refugees into Canada when many countries were sending them away. He's such a woke bae, Robinson and Awkwafina even feel compelled to present him with a gift of roses (which he'd surely be very grateful for were he in the room to accept them). For more of R29's RIOT videos (and to learn about more woke baes), check out RIOT's YouTube channel.
Justin Trudeau Feminist Quotes, Canada Liberal ViewsReleased on June 13, 2016

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