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Jesse Williams Is A Woke Bae, & We Have Proof

Learn about Jesse Williams, woke bae.

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Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, who you might know from their hilarious podcast 2 Dope Queens, want to introduce you to a very woke bae. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, Robinson breaks down her woke bae qualifications. A woke bae is, "super hot, super smart, and affecting positive change in the world." The bae in question is Jesse Williams, a.k.a. Jackson from Grey's Anatomy (who did not confess his undying love to his ex-wife on the season finale last night, but still displayed some definite loving tendencies).
So, what qualifies Mr. Williams as woke? He's spoken out on social media against police brutality. He also worked as an African-American studies teacher before his acting career took off. He has such an impressive woke bae résumé, Jessica Williams felt inspired to write some very passionate vows for their potentially upcoming wedding. (Jessica and Jesse Williams-Williams does have a nice ring to it.)
To learn more about our favorite woke baes (like Lin Manuel Miranda) check out RIOT on YouTube.
Jesse Williams Woke Bae – Racism, Sexism ActivistReleased on May 20, 2016

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