Here’s How Thieves Walked Out Of Apple Stores With $65k Worth Of iPhones

We’ve heard of wolves in sheep's’ clothing, but this is ridiculous.

reports on a string of robberies undertaken by people that gained access to iPhones by walking right up to them, taking them, and walking out of the store. Their cover was clothing similar to Apple Store uniforms, which have been converted to a single set of blue shirts rather than their previous seasonal rotation. The Upper West Side Apple Store was robbed twice in March, hit for a total of 67 iPhones with a retail value of nearly $50,000. The thieves reportedly targeted that location because it’s a training store and therefore less likely to closely scrutinize unfamiliar people in correct attire. Another robbery with a remarkably similar modus operandi took place Wednesday as a man dressed as an employee liberated 19 iPhones from the Soho store. “The man grabbed 19 iPhones from a drawer inside the room, worth a total of $16,130, then handed them over to another thief,” DNAInfo writes. “That man hid the phones under his shirt, and the pair walked out of the store.” While it’s not yet clear if the robberies are related, it is clear that Apple employees need to stop letting random people walk out with iPhones.

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