Your Friends’ Lives Aren’t As Great As They Look

An existential crisis over whether or not you're really nailing this adult thing can come on in a variety of situations. Maybe Facebook tells you your kindergarten best friend's kid just went off to kindergarten. Or you're watching the first season of Full House and realize you're now older than Uncle Jesse. Or maybe, like the star of this mini musical, you're trapped at a baby shower and realize that you're the only one who didn't coordinate your dress with your mani-pedi.
When you find yourself in such a situation, it's helpful when the Truth Fairy (a.k.a. comedian Tessa Hersh) shows up. She can remind you that we all walk around with various IRL versions of Instagram filters, highlighting the good stuff in our lives and downplaying the not-so-good. The friend who's hitting all those milestones that seem so important from a distance might be envying your single, always-get-to-pick-what-you-watch-on-Netflix life. Take comfort in the fact that everyone has issues — some are just hiding it better than others.
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