Whoa, This Portable Hammock Doubles As A Hot Tub

Photo: Courtesy Hydro Hammock.
Few things scream summer more than hammocks. They're perfect for relaxing in the shade and reading a book, lounging poolside, or chilling beneath the trees on a camping trip. But what about those times when you want to relax in a hammock, but feel a tad frigid? Maybe, instead, you wish you were in a hot tub. But a hot-tub hammock? That'd be preposterous! Except it's not. Lay your eyes upon the Hydro Hammock, made of waterproof, marine-type canvas that hooks up to a 12-volt pump with a water treatment strainer. You can sit in the hammock and fill it with cold or hot water, depending on your fancy. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Do we want it? Absolutely. The hammock looks like a more comfortable, portable bathtub; more refined than a kiddie pool, but more portable than a Jacuzzi. And it's even more than that. In case you need to charge up while you doze off, like a queen on the beach, there are also USB ports that you can plug your phone into. Smart on so many levels. This kind of luxury doesn't come cheap, though. The Original Hydro Hammock costs $360, and that's not including the separate water heating system, which sells for $1,265, that you'll need to connect to the hammock if you want a hot tub rather than just a regular tub. Hydro Hammock, why do you mock us so? You are so wonderful, yet so unattainable. For now, we'll just have to live vicariously through this bearded man and his woodland adventures with the chillest hammock around.

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