Is Lana Del Rey’s Twitter Takeover Linked To Other Major Hacks?

Photo: Tyler Boye/WWD.
Lana Del Rey's Twitter account was hacked this week, and the series of unusual and offensive tweets may have helped uncover the culprit behind a string of social media breaches. If you haven't noticed the influx of bizarre celebrity behavior in your feed, both Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner have been targeted by anonymous hackers in recent weeks. Now, Del Rey has been added to the list. The singer's account shared several racist and homophobic messages Tuesday afternoon. The erratic tweets may have actually offered a clue to the hackers' identity. A message tweeted from Del Rey's account included the phrase “Sw4ylol,” which was also featured in messages sent by Perry's account when it was hacked in late May, according to Vanity Fair. The phrase wasn't used when Jenner's account was hacked on Monday, but the tweet activity was similar. In each case, the celebrity accounts shared controversial and crass statements. Twitter has since suspended the handle @Sw4ylol, as well as the @lolsw4y account, which Metro U.K. reports took responsibility for Jenner's hack and suggests was behind Perry's as well.

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