Justin Bieber Gets All Emo On Instagram Again

There are many ways in which Justin Bieber is a singular human being — in talent and bravado, for instance. Sometimes, though, he proves to be exactly like all of us. Take how he reacts to having a rare night home alone. Who hasn't made weird faces like that at themselves in the mirror, particularly when we're feeling a little too reflective about our life and loves and place in the world? The difference may be that most of us choose not to share those faces with 70.4 million people. Late at night, we, too, have lain in bed, wondering what our exes are up to. We've given in to the temptation to follow them on social media. Too bad for Biebs that his eagle-eyed fans happened to notice that he re-followed Selena Gomez on Instagram this weekend, and their enthusiasm was then caught by Us Weekly. This is not quite as extreme as when he posted mushy throwback photos of himself and Gomez earlier this year, but it's up there. Here is where Bieber is back to making himself unique among men. To take that moment of solitary reflection and turn it into a public moment is the very definition of being an artist, isn't it? In which case, bravo, sir. Now you may resume dining with Transformers actresses and guzzling Champagne at sporting events.

I don't know why I become a weirdo when I'm bored and alone I didn't even know my face could form in this way

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