Have You Noticed This Facebook Change?

If you think the Facebook page on your laptop looks a little bit different, you're not alone. Facebook is doing some A/B testing with its site-wide font. Instead of the Helvetica font it's known for, Facebook is testing out Geneva for some users, Mashable reports. The difference is barely noticeable, but it's there: If you compare the two fonts, Helvetica looks like a bolded version of Geneva. It isn't clear if Facebook will extend the test to all users, on mobile in addition to desktop, or if it will eventually make the change permanent or not. But you can bet that, if it is a lasting switch, some people won't be happy about it. Any time a company switches up its logo or part of its homepage, there are plenty of complaints. Remember Instagram's drama last month? At least this isn't quite such a big change. In other Facebook news, the company announced that it would no longer support Notify, an app that launched last year and offered users breaking news alerts from selected publishers. According to The Verge, it sounds like Facebook will incorporate elements of Notify into the Messenger app, which is more popular. We're not really sure how that will work, or if it's necessary, but given that we can already use Messenger to send payments and connect with groups of friends faster, why not add some news updates to the mix? Maybe Messenger will get the new font change, too.

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