This Fan’s Afro Got Beyoncé’s Seal Of Approval

Everyone knows that Beyoncé passionately supports natural hair on Black women — the "Formation" video and the Lemonade visual album are basically all the evidence you need. She recently reiterated her powerful message with a tiny, but appreciated gesture during her Formation tour. As BuzzFeed reports, 22-year-old Ribicca Mamuye and 26-year-old Hamdi Mohamed attended the star's concert in Seattle last Wednesday. Mohamed described it as the best concert of her life — and not just because they were close enough to the stage to see Bey's pores (if she has any) — but because of what happened during one song. "I was singing and doing the dance moves to ‘Daddy Lessons,’ and that’s when she swung her head and sang and pointed right at me,” Mohamed told BuzzFeed. Beyoncé then patted her own head and give Mamuye's Afro an approving thumbs-up. The best part: Mamuye's boyfriend caught it on camera. "Although the group of guys around us were pissed that @hamdi_lilah and I had our Afros out, the queen walked over and gave me her stamp of approval," Mamuye captioned the Instagram video, which has 5,000 views and counting. It may have been a brief moment, but the slight touch of the hair, the quick but noticeable act of solidarity — they're all acknowledgements from Queen B that these women's natural curls have her support, her blessing, and her love. We imagine it's like being knighted, but better. People with natural hair don't need stars to validate its worth — it's beautiful, Beyoncé-approved or not. But this heartwarming interaction is further proof that Bey is here for Black girls. Here for the Afros. And here for natural hair that may or may not block the view at concerts. “She acknowledged I was in formation — that’s all that mattered,” Mamuye said. Slay on, ladies.

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