These Are The Kimoji We’ll Be Using Obsessively From Now On

In case you're feeling like there is just not enough Kardashian news in your life, we've got another item for you. There are new Kimoji available! And they're great! And we're sure that, pretty soon, you won't know how you lived without sending your besties a collage of Nori faces on a regular basis. (Seriously, we're already wondering this ourselves over here.)
Another thing we're digging about these new Kimoji is that they're extra-sassy. To that end, we've picked a couple of our favorites and included suggestions for best-use texting scenarios. Although, we're definitely not ruling out any scenario for which you could find an appropriate Kimoji. It's a Kardashian world. We're just iMessaging in it. There's no use pretending otherwise.

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