Go Hug A Cat & Look At The 17 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time

Illustrated by Elliot Salazar.
Cats are fantastic and mysterious little creatures.
Whether they're plotting for the demise of humanity, silently manipulating us into serving them, or becoming our favorite characters in film, they always manage to mystify and captivate us.
In their eyes, they should be celebrated each and every day with catnip and playtime galore. But instead, I urge you to grab the cat nearest to you (hopefully your own) and give it a nice big hug. Why? Because June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day.
On June 4, many cats will be hugged — and probably hate it as much as dogs apparently do. On June 4, your cat may scratch you, because being held isn't really their thing. On June 4, you better go hug a cat anyway.
But if you can't, here are the 17 best cat GIFs to fill the kitty-shaped void in your life. And maybe even save you a few claw marks.

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