These Rings Keep You & Your Partner From Binge Cheating

We’ve all had this issue: You’re binge-watching a Netflix show with your partner and they leave to go to the movies with their friends. You’re stuck, with the show’s icon staring at you accusatorially. Surely, your partner won’t know if you just watch one more episode, right? What could be the harm in that? Pretty soon you’re eight hours deep into the next season and, when they return, pretending to be excited about cliffhangers that you figured out days ago. Disaster, but probably unavoidable. And a serious problem. Well, no more. British ice cream brand Cornetto is now introducing “commitment rings,” which use near-field communication to link to each other and services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime for six months. You hold the rings near each other and a cell phone, at which point you choose which shows you’d like the rings to unlock. One ring to rule them all, two rings to watch new episodes of Orange Is the New Black, we suppose. “Love should last for more than one season,” the company’s tagline goes. The rings aren’t yet available for purchase. You’ll have to sign up here to get information on when and where you can buy them. We also recommend getting a second, secret Netflix account or some impulse control. Whichever is easier.

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