Kimye Could Sue Bodyguard That Trashed Them To The Press

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Turns out that if you’re a celebrity bodyguard and go around talking shit about your former employers, some of them might not like that so much. Former NYPD officer and former Kim Kardashian-Kanye West bodyguard Steve Stanulis might learn this the hard way, as the Kardashian-Wests threaten him with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, according to Page Six. Stanulis disparaged West in interviews with The Sun and The Daily Mail, saying the rapper refused to press elevator buttons and demanded his staff dress in all-black and not speak in his presence. West took some issue with his claims. “The West Family will no longer tolerate the spreading and selling of fake stories in a desperate, transparent and shameless attempt for publicity at their expense,” a spokesperson told Page Six. “This sad, parasitic maniac has violated every basic human tenet of decency with his story of lies. As such, the Wests will explore all legal means at their disposal to silence this nonsense.” West’s rep also says that Stanulis was only hired a few times. Stanulis’ interview was inflammatory in the extreme. “I had to look after his toddler daughter once and it was so much easier than babysitting the father,” he tells The Sun. Stanulis’ elevator story is just as crazy, if true. “On the first day we headed to his music studio,” Stanulis tells The Sun. “When we got into the elevator Kanye just stood there with his arms folded and said, ‘Aren’t you going to press the button?’ “I told him, ‘I have never been here, I don’t know which floor.’ He flipped out, squealing that his time was precious and that he couldn’t believe I hadn’t called ahead to find out which floor he worked on.” West later fired Stanulis, who only worked with him and his wife for around two weeks, because he perceived Stanulis to be hitting on Kim. Stanulis says he was just talking to her. Read through the rest of The Sun interview for more anecdotes, like the time Kanye got drunk and tried to get into the wrong hotel room while yelling “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Mr. West!”

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