This Video Of A Makeup Artist Applying Metallic Lip Gloss Is Weirdly Addicting

A video of makeup artist Ashley Rosales applying metallic lip gloss has gone completely viral. After being shared by the Facebook page The Woman's World, it now has more than a million views. We're not sure what it is about it. Whether it's the shininess of the lip gloss, the meticulousness with which she applies it, or the music in the background — Christina Aguilera's "Infatuation" plays while she puts on a bright blue color — we can't seem to look away. The Ashley's Lip Stax products are a collaboration between Rosales and the vegan brand Who Is She Cosmetics. It contains 14 bold colors spanning the entire light spectrum, which she holds up in the video so you can see the whole collection in its glistening gloriousness. That weird toothbrush-like tool she uses to apply it is the Artis Circle 1 lip brush, which is designed to coat the lips quickly and precisely. If you want to replicate the look, you can get the set for $45 on the Who Is She Cosmetics website. Or you can just watch the video over and over again. Because apparently, that's what everyone's doing.

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