Wait, What If Daenerys Is The Bad Guy?

Photo: Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO.
There aren't many sure things on Game of Thrones. One thing we're positive about: Daenerys Targaryen is queen. As in, YAS QUEEN KHALEESI. Daenerys is our fantasy-fiction feminist icon and the most badass woman on television. She is the Mother of Dragons. The freer of slaves. The fierce, but just, ruler. The Chosen One, perhaps. And that's why this new (to many) fan theory is freaking us the fuck out. The essence of the theory? Daenerys is actually a villain. The villain, if you will. Let us survey the evidence, as laid out by the smart super-fans over at Vox.
Daenerys is ambitious — and kind of a mass murderer.

The Khaleesi has proven time and time again that she will do what is necessary to achieve her ends. She won't hesitate to use violence. And she has, brutally — killing slave masters, crucifying Meereenese nobles, and most recently, burning the Dothraki leadership alive. Yes, these are some major baddies who probably deserved to die and her mass murders are in the name of peace and justice, but that doesn't change the fact that she has done some horrible things.
George R.R. Martin is a bastard.

The mastermind of Westeros would be the first to admit he enjoys turning readers' and viewers' expectations on their heads (i.e., making us scream obscenities at the TV and cry ourselves to sleep on Sunday nights). He's brilliant, cruel, and not one for simple plots or obvious conclusions. As Vox puts it, "It seems just too easy and obvious for the only character with three fire-breathing beasts to beat some ice zombies, conquer Westeros, and save the world."
The shit could hit the fan. As Vox notes, "She won't turn into Ramsay Bolton overnight." But there is much yet to be seen. Daenerys hasn't interacted with about 90% of the other characters. She has yet to so much as set foot in Westeros — where people are probably not too keen on welcoming a foreign, female conqueror with open arms. Who knows what obstacles she will encounter on the other side of the sea? (Besides, you know, the 17,000 other people vying for the throne.) Things could go very badly, which could lead to Dany behaving very badly, given her "the ends justifies the means" M.O.
So, there you have it. The evidence is tenuous, but compelling. Turning one of the most beloved protagonists into a villain would be a deliciously dark twist — and Game of Thrones would be the show to pull it off. This fan theory is just too twisted (in the best way) to ignore.

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