T.I. Understands Chris Brown's Reaction To Daughter's Recital Outfit

Photo: Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images.

T.I. stopped by The View this morning just in time to weigh in on the latest Chris Brown controversy. Whoopi Goldberg and the other hosts had been discussing Brown's reaction to an Instagram photo shared by Nia Guzman, the mother of Brown's 2-year-old daughter, Royalty. The photo, which has since been taken down from the social media site, captured Royalty at her dance recital in a black tutu and leg warmers.

Brown objected to the pose and the outfit. He felt it was sexualizing his daughter and was inappropriate.

T.I., a father of seven, told The View hosts that he could understand where Brown was coming from in his reaction. "I agree with Chris, you know, simply because I'm a father, and I see the world through the eyes of a man." He empathized with the paternal instinct. "It's our job to protect our daughters from that type of perception."

Whoopi pushed back, saying she didn't think it was provocative or a pose. "For me, if we're going to teach our young men: Two is not sexual." The host/comedian warned that Brown's comments actually accomplish the opposite of their intent.

T.I. and Goldberg found common ground, in the end, agreeing that it is important to let kids be kids, not forcing anyone to grow up too soon. "We shouldn't be raising fast kids," said Goldberg.

You can watch T.I. on The View below.


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