Ludacris Makes Sexist Comments About Co-host Ciara At The BBMAs

Well, it only took about 10 minutes for a shamelessly sexist comment to be made onstage at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Ludacris decided to introduce co-host Ciara with a totally inappropriate remark about her legs. "Before we go on with the show," Ludacris said, "I think Ciara's legs deserve a round of applause all by themselves." In other words: "Let's objectify her body before we get to treating her like, you know, a person."
Come on, Ludacris. It's 2016. Casual quips about your female peer's body are not okay. (This comes after a red-carpet encounter where Jason Kennedy decided to show Ciara an Instagram video of fiancé Russell Wilson talking about her legs.) Could he try any harder to make her feel uncomfortable? (Not to mention the audience witnessing the stunning interaction.) Ludacris wasn't done with his inappropriate comments, though. The rapper joked about being in a "threesome" with Ciara, as this is his third time hosting the event and he's co-hosting with her. Yeah, hilarious. Ciara noted, though, that the correct term here would be a "three-peat." Let's hope Ludacris can keep his gross thoughts to himself for the rest of the night.

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