Why Don’t People Tell Men To Smile?

Photo: Courtesy of Youtube.
"Are you, like, a feminist?" "Your biological clock is ticking." "He picks on you because he likes you." These not-so-subtly sexist comments are just a few of the 48 listed by real women in a new video from the The Huffington Post. In less than two minutes, women of all ages share the things they hear regularly that, regardless of intention, hurt them and remind them of the expectations (and limitations) placed on all women. The remarks range from microaggressions ("You like video games? The boys must love that") to flat-out insults ("No guy wants to have sex with a virgin"). What ties them all together is that, for the most part, men don't have to deal with comments like these. Think about it: When was the last time a man was told to smile? Or the last time a guy was instructed to "flirt without being slutty"? Of course, all of the remarks in the video could take on different meanings to different people — a quick glance at the comments will prove that. But the important thing to take away here is an understanding that, more often than not, women are on the receiving end of these pervasive digs. As simple as it seems, getting people to empathize with this burden might just be the first step in making sure no more women have to deal with sexist, underhanded remarks on a daily basis. Watch the full video below.

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