Good News: We Weren’t Imagining That Sexual Tension On Game Of Thrones

Remember when your TV damn near incinerated on Sunday night as the sparks flew between Game of Thrones' sexiest potential couple ever? Then you'll be glad to hear that you weren't imagining the crazy chemistry between Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane. The internet took the possible romance and ran with it, producing some of the greatest 'shipping gifs and videos we've seen in quite a while. But the possibility that we were all just a little bit mad still existed.
Thankfully, episode four's director Dan Sackheim put our minds at ease and confirmed the sensual vibes to TVGuide. The best part? He wasn't sure if viewers would pick up on it. "I wasn't even sure that when I delivered the episode it was really clear," he said. "It was like a fun little bit, but I wasn't sure it was really clear that he had these amorous feelings for Brienne. I'm always amazed what fans pick up." Yeah dude, you severely underestimated your fan base. So what's the prognosis for Brienne and Tormund's spark to ignite a passionate romance? Not so great without Brienne on board. "I think it was fairly one-sided, but that's OK," Sackheim added. "Men love a challenge." What do you think: Is the inglorious ginger-beard up for romancing Brienne? And, more importantly: Would Brienne ever let a man who claims he fucked a bear touch her with a 10-foot pole?
Image: Courtesy of HBO.
Image: Courtesy of HBO.

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