Buffy The Vampire Slayer Star Recreates Red Carpet Looks On Instagram

Tom Lenk has a fine career as a television actor, perhaps peaking with his role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But whenever his TV career peters out, he may have a second life as a celebrity impersonator. Well, maybe impersonator is the wrong word. Lenk's Instagram is a treasure trove of what he calls a #LenkLewkForLess, a kind of budget take on red carpet couture. Lenk's images are at once a deconstruction of awards show fashion, a celebration of the red carpet, and really good budget cosplay. His most recent image is of Kristen Stewart on the Cannes carpet.
Understated yet totally chic. This is truly some high fashion that can be fashioned out of nothing but a tote bag and a can-do attitude.
Here, Lenk recreates the moment when MiMi lost her foot and gained just a bit more icon status. We love the drawn-on fishnets. Chic yet budget. And why buy Louboutin when you can get construction paper and tape?
This Lenk Lewk features an actual, functional garden hose. That's the type of thing that you can only see in a video. Elegant yet understated.
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GET THE LEWK FOR LESS AT HAUS OF LENK. @metmuseum #metgala2016 #davidlaport #FASHUNS #lenklewkforless

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Is it still origami if you wear it?
Here's an excellent use for things found in your junk drawer.
"Hobo vs. Boho" Lenk captions this pic. And why choose? With two Lenks we have two looks and two possible identities. Both cheap, both impossibly chic. And for proof that it's not all about the red carpet...
How is Lenk gonna serve four iconic looks at once? He took one look at Mother's Day and was like, "Where some see a transparent cash grab from Garry Marshall, perhaps the nadir of a once-legend's epic fall from grace, I see a look. I see four looks." We love you Lenk. Never change.

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