This New App Makes Sex Ed Into A Game

Many of us cringe at memories of our sex-ed classes. Unfortunately, the first facts we learn about sex often come from vague, fear-inducing lectures about STIs and pregnancy, if even that. But soon, teenagers (and adults too) can get a more fun and interactive version of sex education — in the form of a mobile game. In the app, known as Tap That, young people can take care of different characters navigating sexual relationships. If one of them has an STI, you have to diagnose it and determine how to cure or treat it. Players can also use virtual condoms to prevent the infections from spreading. Design and technology student Peiying Feng invented the app, which is currently in beta, to combat the silence around sexuality that she grew up with. “A lot of teens are having sex, but they are learning everything from porn sites,” she told The Daily Dot. "Sex should be a positive experience, so why shouldn't sex ex be too?" a video explaining the game reads. Amen to that.

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