This New Talk Show Stars Trans People In Bathrooms

Anyone afraid of seeing a trans person in a bathroom will not like the new YouTube talk show Sitting in Bathrooms With Trans People, which features exactly what the name suggests. On the other hand, anyone fed up with attempts to police who uses what bathroom will love it — because it smashes every stereotype about trans people as bathroom predators. The show just premiered on Seriously.TV with a conversation between host Dylan Marron and guest star Jackson Bird, a vlogger who came out as trans last year. They discussed his transition process, including a surprising difference he's observed between using men's and women's bathrooms. "In the women's restroom, if you were gonna fart, you kinda hid it. But in the men's restroom, it's like, 'I'm just gonna let it rip so people think I'm pooping, and they won't think it's weird that I'm using the stall.'" They also performed a few unrelated activities, like flushing a picture of Harry Potter down the toilet while chanting "Moaning Myrtle." Hopefully, this series will help people understand that there is nothing scary about a trans person in a bathroom. Unless, of course, Moaning Myrtle is involved.

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