Here's Kendall Jenner's Guide To Skipping Prom

Alberto Terenghi/Cannes/REX/Shutterstock
Hard as it is to believe, Kendall Jenner skipped prom. That’s right, the most glamorous young woman in the world gave the Heisman to the third-most American part of youth.

Lots of people skip prom who are not Kendall Jenner, so Kendall would like to share some tips with the potential prom skippers in a post to her website and app. She offers three categories of prom skipping activities. The first option is the veg out.

“Why not use the excuse to veg out in your comfies with classic HS flicks and homemade pizza?” Jenner writes. “This recipe is amazing, but I'll leave the toppings to you (basil and extra mozzarella for me!).”

She offers a recipe for pizza and three high school films. They are 16 Candles, Heathers, and Mean Girls. Mean Girls is really good but probably not as good as you remember. Heathers is the most bonkers movie and it seems impossible that anyone ever made it.

Kendall’s second option is a pampered evening.

“Estée has a ton of amazing options for a luxurious night of pampering (check out two of my faves down below),” Kendall writes. “In case you want to whip something up on the fly, here's an at-home mask using my fave ingredient ;) To top off this evening of beauty, get your glow from the inside with a little meditation music, too. Sooo relaxing.”

She includes the recipe for a face mask and a relaxation playlist. It does sound pampered, but we’d prefer to put on Heathers rather than the meditation playlist. Something about Winona Ryder blowing up a school is just super-soothing.

Finally, empowerment. This sounds like the best option.

Kendall offers a guide to the night that includes a great book, buying flowers and…having a dance party.

We love the idea of having a dance party with yourself and your friends. But why include the book? We’re going to make an executive decision. You should also watch Heathers while doing this option.

Just skip prom and watch Heathers, is what we’re trying to say.

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