Cara Delevinge's First Memory Is Very Bloody

Photo: Mario Sorrenti/W Magazine.
Cara Delevingne is this month's W Magazine cover girl. In her interview for the cover story, the 23-year-old spills about her upcoming movie, Suicide Squad, along with some choice details about her childhood.

Specifically, Delevingne spills about a little blood.

"When I was a child, I was obsessed with blood and death," she says. Delevingne continues in this intense vein, telling the magazine about one of her first childhood memories. "This sounds a little dark, but my first childhood memory is of cutting myself," she says. It happened when she was pretending to shave like her father.

The actress is known for being open about her life, especially on social media. Her followers on Instagram are often treated to close-up pics of her skin, breakouts and all. One thing is for sure, Delevingne doesn't often shy away from the tough stuff.

Sounds like Suicide Squad will be a perfect fit for her.

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