Beautyblender Fans, Rejoice — Your Favorite Tool Just Got Even Better

You'd be hard-pressed to find a makeup-lover who doesn't have a Beautyblender or four in his or her cosmetic stash. The tiny pink sponge is adored by everyone from beauty vloggers to makeup artists. It's accessible, it's easy to use, and now its product line is expanding, much to the delight of beauty buffs everywhere.

Many people could identify the hot-pink, egg-shaped sponges in a lineup. But what they may not know is they come in an array of other colors (pastels, green, white, and black, to be exact). The last of these was only available to professionals...until now. The brand is releasing the noir version of the tool in shine-fighting Blotterazzi pads, Micro Minis, and the cat-eye-perfecting Liner Designer. And while this will solve a ton of our foundation woes (like having to stare at leftover base makeup on a bright-pink background, for one), the launch we're most anticipating is the value pack.

That's right — you can now get your Beautyblenders in bulk. The brand is coming out with a pack of 10 full-sized sponges for $125. Let's do the math: A solo blender will set you back around $20, so stocking up on 10 of these bad boys would cost a whopping $200. But with this new deal, you'll be left with an extra $75 in the bank.

Still a hefty price tag? We feel ya. Hey, at least you'll have time to save up. The new goodies, along with the value pack, won't be available until July. So start pinching those pennies, Beautyblender fans.


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