Jennifer Lawrence Calls Robert De Niro "Gay" In GLAAD Tribute

Video: Courtesy of GLAAD.
You talkin' to me?

There's maybe one person who could get away with making gay jokes at Robert De Niro's expense. Luckily for her, that person turned out to be Jennifer Lawrence, who was invited to present the acting legend with the Excellence in Media Award at last night's GLAAD Media Awards honoring LGBT advocacy in Hollywood.

Lawrence was her usual charming, awkward self while paying tribute to her co-star in Joy, American Hustle, and Silver Linings Playbook. She called De Niro the "kindest person I've ever met." He returned the love, saying that Lawrence is "like a daughter" to him. She panicked when the audience interrupted her with applause. Then, she called De Niro "gay."

"I was told by five different people to cut that and I was like, 'hell no,'" Lawrence giggled as De Niro smirked from the audience.

Overall, the tribute was a touching moment, capping an evening that saw Mariah Carey and Caitlyn Jenner take the stage, Tangerine win Outstanding Film, and Connie Britton speak out against anti-LGBT bathroom laws.

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