South Asian Women Clap Back At Azealia Banks With Fire Selfies

Notorious troll Azealia Banks has had her Twitter account suspended after making racist remarks about Zayn Malik. Fans of racist online meltdowns will recall fondly her use of the term “curry scented bitch” to describe the ex-One Direction member. South Asians took offense to her characterization, but took the extremely high road by reclaiming the phrase as their own. The hashtag #curryscentedbitch trended worldwide on Twitter, showcasing a plethora of beautiful and empowering selfies.
It’s a great moment when people take a message of hate and, let’s be honest, jealousy, and turn it into a positive. From the ashes, a phoenix. And from a racist Twitter rant, a bunch of fire selfies and positivity. Let’s be real, this is the best thing Banks has done since "212." (Although calling Iggy Azalea “Igloo Australia” was pretty funny.)

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