Update: Azealia Banks’ Twitter Account Suspended

Update: Azealia Banks' Twitter account has been suspended after her racist, homophobic tirade against Zayn Malik and Skai Jackson. Banks has also been pulled from the lineup at London's Born & Bred music festival next month. “We have decided to cancel Azealia Banks' headline appearance," reads an announcement from the fest's Twitter account. "Rinse Born & Bred is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE. We celebrate inclusivity and equality.”
This post was originally published on May 11 at 10:30 a.m.

Another day, another Azealia Banks Twitter feud. Actually, if we're being exact here, Banks managed to start two feuds in one day. And like so many of her Twitter beefs, this one went from zero to 100 real quick. Yesterday, Banks called out Zayn Malik, writing on Instagram that his video for "Like I Would" looked a little too much like her past music videos. But, she was quick to forgive, writing, "I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie." Malik later got wind of these accusations and decided to respond in a couple of subtweets that had him throwing some shade. "No lies ... I see you reaching but I don't care," he tweeted. "My @'s too good for you." Malik never specifically named Banks in his responses, but as Cosmopolitan reported, that didn't stop Banks from going after the former One Directioner in tweets that were nothing but racist. Banks called him a "hairy curry scented bitch" and "punjab." She also told him to, "Simmer down with that fake white boy rebellion and that wannabe beiber swag," before calling him a "faggot."
After going after him personally, she decided to go after his music, letting him know that she had a better Metacritic score. "YUNG RAPUNXEL ALWAYS WINS PUNJABI!!" she wrote in all caps.
While Malik never responded to Banks' tweets, Disney Channel star, Skai Jackson, tweeted, "Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little." You can probably guess what happened next. Banks started putting all her Twitter fury into writing 140 characters that would take down the 14-year-old Jessie star. "And you need to grow some hips and start ur menses," Banks wrote. "Stay in a child's place." Jackson then took Banks to task for going after a teen. "When a no hip having 14 year old has more class than you. Worry about your career. Get one," she wrote. The two then went back and forth with Banks accusing Jackson's mom of "pimping her out," writing "lets see what you end up like at 21." Jackson clapped back by saying she wasn't concerned about her career, but was concerned about Banks. "Fix ur life," Jackson tweeted, before writing, "And I'm sure my mom did a wayyy better job then yours did! You give black women a bad name. I'll be praying for you." Banks attempted to laugh Jackson off by saying the Disney star was nothing but a meme who, despite her large Instagram following, was not even relevant enough to be an "Instagram thot." "You need to get ur ass done and your tits done before you become a proper instagram thot girly," Banks tweeted. Jackson then wrote, "Now that was corny ! go fix your edges before you come at me! #byenow Hide behind your weaves much?" before attempting to have the last word with a tweet that said, "This wasted conversation is helping your career ! Bye hunny." But, Banks wasn't going to let Jackson get the last word. After a series of tweets that had her calling Jackson a "Disney reject" who would play her maid one day, Banks ended things by writing, "You're mom will be up in Disney's Office's sucking dick for your next fourth lead role!!!" For now, this feud is done, but don't worry, Banks seems to have already started another one.

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