Taylor Swift Gets Down To The Darkness When She's Home Alone

What's the song you dance to when you're home by yourself and no one is around to judge your moves? Turns out, Taylor Swift's track of choice is a true lip-sync classic: "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," by The Darkness.

The singer shared this little tidbit during a new Apple Music promo, which popped up on her Instagram feed today. In it, we also get another sneak peek at the inside of her house. (It looks like the good people at Vogue aren't the only ones with insider access. There's no mention of hummus in this vid, though.) And then we get treated to a little T-Swift dance routine. Girlfriend is really getting down in this one. Take a look below and see if you have the same reaction we do, which is strongly reconsidering the level of commitment we give to our own home-alone dance routines.

Dance like no one's watching @applemusic @theactualdarkness

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