23 Years Later, Prince Harry Returns To Splash Mountain

Photo: REX/Shutterstock.
As you may aware, our favorite ginger prince is in Orlando this week, generally being charming while also trying to best the Obamas at the Invictus Games. (Good luck with that. The first family is not to be trifled with. You have been warned, royals.)

Apparently, his schedule allowed for a jaunt over to Splash Mountain — a ride he experienced 23 years ago, when he visited the theme park with his brother and the late Princess Diana, as E! News reports. Back then, he looked a little freaked out during the ride. (Give the guy a break — he was only 8, after all.) But we're hoping he had a much better time this go around.

Earlier this week, Prince Harry opened up about his relationship with the late Princess of Wales, who passed away in August 1997. "When she died, there was a gaping hole," Harry told People. "[Not] just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world."

He also revealed having few memories of his childhood with his mother. But even so, Harry has taken up her torch. "If I can try and fill a very small part of that [void], then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will William."

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