Selena Gomez Had An Awesome First Crush

Credit: Denise Truscello / Contributor
Selena Gomez just started her Revival Tour, and boy is she ready to revive. She's gone from a witch on a Disney show to selling out Vegas stadiums in a bespoke Swarovski bodysuit — but she doesn't forget her roots. Or her firsts.
First crushes, that is. The 23-year-old singer got candid with Marie Claire while shooting her June cover and talked about her first crush — singer and actor Jesse McCartney, whose Instagram is right here in case you're wondering if he's still cute. (He is.) "My first celebrity crush was Jesse McCartney," she said. "But he also knows that." Because apparently this wasn't the first time that Gomez revealed McCartney was the first boy to catch her eye. McCartney has talked about her, too, saying "That’s very flattering. I love Selena. She’s amazing." But what Gomez really can't resist, she said, are "bad boys" — we can think of a few exes and rumored boyfriends who fit that bill.
When she isn't lusting over tween heartthrobs, the Good For You singer has a few women to obsess over, too. Among them are Jennifer Aniston (Gomez grew up watching her on Friends) and the comedic duo that is Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. “Them together, in particular,” Selena said. “I think they’re just a whole lot of what women should be more of.” Agree with all of the above, Sel.

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