Your Horoscope This Week — May 15 2016

Designed by John Lisle & Christine Hahn.
Still slacking on that spring cleaning mission? Time's up on the excuses. The sun spends its last five days in efficiency-obsessed Taurus, bringing high doses of practical magic. On Friday, #GeminiSeason begins and everything will feel very Cirque du Soleil for a month. Cleaning up the big top will so not be the focus under this curious, communicative influence. But a messy home base can make life feel scattered AF! Head straight home from work, with the only allotted detour to Ikea or The Container Store for boxes and shelves.

Mercury is still retrograde until Sunday, also in Taurus, fueling our urge to purge and organize. Sifting through old stuff can be a sentimental voyage. Set a side a few classics that you might want to hang up or frame. When Mercury corrects course on Sunday, the smoke starts to clear on communication and money meltdowns that have been happening since April 28. Stalled projects and job searches also pick up again as Mercury speeds ahead in Taurus until June 12.

There's also a full moon this Saturday, in Sagittarius, the sign of the traveler, philosopher, and entrepreneur. Oh, and "more is more" Chrissy Teigen, BTW. These expansive moonbeams will broaden our horizons and help us realize some of our bigger dreams, like trekking to a new corner of the world, meditating in Bali, or starting our own businesses. Bonus: There's a double dose of this lunar energy in 2016: On June 19, a second Sagittarius full moon will take this weekend's visions to an even higher level. Whoa!

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