It Looks Like Kendall Jenner Might Be A Better Cook Than Her Sisters

While the Kardashians aren't exactly your normal group of sisters, we're guessing that despite all of their individual success, they are still competitive with each other. And even though Kourtney posts the most recipes to her site, and Kylie has her own cooking show, it looks like Kendall might be the behind-the-scenes winner when it comes to the kitchen. (Even though she only buys five ingredients when she goes grocery shopping.)
Or, at least, when the fam is making beeshee. Beeshee — we just learned thanks to the Kardashians — is an Armenian fried dough, sort of like a pancake. According to Mic, the Kardashians got together to make beeshee as part of their Mother's Day celebration this past weekend. This involved making dough, rolling it out, and frying it. Kourtney and Kim both posted Snapchats of the occasion, and Kourtney revealed the top beeshee of the day. Kendell took home the crown for the best-looking take on the fried dough. However, if we're giving credit where credit is due, Kourtney rolled out the dough and Kendall fried it.
Now, let's see if the Kardashians have the power to start a food trend. We're guessing beeshee is about to take the internet by storm. It definitely looks WAY more delicious than a rainbow doughnut.

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