Kendall Jenner Only Buys 5 Things When She Goes Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping is a weirdly personal experience. You have your cart, which feels like it belongs to you despite the fact that you haven’t paid for anything and it’s not even your cart. The act of taking something off a shelf and putting it in your basket feels ritual, in a way. So that’s part of the reason it’s oddly comforting to see celebs grocery shopping. They’re just like us…but do we want them to be? Kendall Jenner is the most high-fashion member of our most famous family. Whereas her sisters are constantly squabbling or dating people who may or may not be poor role models, Kendall keeps her head down and her Calvin Klein campaigns rolling in. But even Kendall needs to grocery shop. She detailed the five items that she always buys in a post to her app and website and they’re…insanely normal. Here they are. Ready? 1. Fresh fruit, “so I can grab it and go.” 2. Cereal, and... 3. Milk. (See above.) 4. Bread “holds a special place in my heart” (she keeps different loaves from which to choose). 5. And, of course, bottled water. That’s like stuff you can get at a bodega. A college student would buy that. And Kendall is essentially a college student, since she’s only 20 years old. On the other hand, she probably gets everything very organic and GMO-free and, we don't know, gold-plated? Maybe her bananas are literally dipped in gold leaf. (Baller, yet impractical.) Cereal, though, is the great democratizer. You could be Mark Zuckerberg and still reach for the Frosted Flakes. Man, the Kardashians even grocery shop relatably. Want more R29 Food?
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