24 Reasons Monica & Chandler Are The Best TV Relationship

Photo: NBCU Photo Bank/ Getty Images.
Monica Geller and Chandler Bing are one of our favorite couples in TV history, hands down. The Friends lovebirds have had a lot of ups and downs over the show's 10 seasons. We saw their relationship go from platonic to overtly flirtatious, from top secret to common knowledge, and from long-term to lawfully forever. But the chemistry was there from day one.

Monica and Chandler are an odd couple in a lot of ways, which makes for amusing clashes and hilarious banter. But their relationship could be emotionally compelling, too. We watched them grapple with the same serious issues that real-world couples have — infertility, adoption, and prioritizing one spouse's career over the other. In short, we love Monica and Chandler a lot. But we forgot about a lot of our favorite scenes and subplots starring the duo. So, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their wedding episode (the season 7 finale), here are 24 of Monica and Chandler's greatest moments.

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