24 Reasons Monica & Chandler Are The Best TV Relationship

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Monica Geller and Chandler Bing are one of our favorite couples in TV history, hands down. The Friends lovebirds have had a lot of ups and downs over the show's 10 seasons. We saw their relationship go from platonic to overtly flirtatious, from top secret to common knowledge, and from long-term to lawfully forever. But the chemistry was there from day one.
Monica and Chandler are an odd couple in a lot of ways, which makes for amusing clashes and hilarious banter. But their relationship could be emotionally compelling, too. We watched them grapple with the same serious issues that real-world couples have — infertility, adoption, and prioritizing one spouse's career over the other. In short, we love Monica and Chandler a lot. But we forgot about a lot of our favorite scenes and subplots starring the duo. So, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their wedding episode (the season 7 finale), here are 24 of Monica and Chandler's greatest moments.
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This priceless flashback scene to the day after they spent the night together — and Monica's planning a date with someone else. Seeing Chandler play down his feels is painfully adorable.
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"You are one of my favorite people. And the most beautiful woman I've ever known in real life." It seems like a great moment for a first kiss...yet somehow, they manage to defuse the sexual chemistry and just remain really, really good friends — for now.
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Remember the time they got naked under the covers together and were super-impressed with what they saw? Chandler: "Well, it's safe to say our friendship is effectively ruined." Yay!
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When Chandler makes bragging about his sexual prowess seem super-sweet ("If I'm the best, it's only because you made me the best.") and they both decide their chemistry in bed means they "owe it to sex" to do it again.
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When Monica goes to great and salmonella-risking lengths to earn Chandler's forgiveness...and he accidentally says "I love you."
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The time Phoebe seduces Chandler is actually one of the couple's greatest moments. She effectively calls his bluff on his feelings for Monica...leading the couple to say "I love you" to each other in front of everyone. (Well, except overprotective bro Ross.)
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Sex in a coffee house, because what's better than a double-shot of caffeine and oxytocin?
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When Monica has to teach Chandler that fighting isn't breaking up. "We're in an adult relationship!"
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The time Monica figured out how to motivate her man to work out. "Five more [sit-ups] and I'll flash you!"
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Chandler knows exactly how to cheer his lady up when she gives him a terrible massage by assuring her she's the BEST bad masseuse, ever.
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Their romantic Valentine's Day evening of macaroni and dancing to "The Way You Look Tonight" is spoiled by the revelation that the mixtape Chandler gave to Monica was actually a gift to him from his ex, Janice.
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Like most people who have been in a relationship long enough, Monica gets insecure when she realizes she and Chandler are past the hot-and-heavy honeymoon phase Phoebe and her boyfriend are in.

"Wasn't it a lot more exciting when we were all over each other all the time?" she asks. Chandler's perfect response: "Yeah that was really great, but...to get past the beginning and still want to be around each other all the time? I think that's pretty incredible."
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The moving-in-together conversation is always a big one. Monica and Chandler have some miscommunication troubles before a big, romantic "Are you gonna kiss me or not?!" moment. Oh, and then Monica accidentally locks her new roomie out...
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After fighting about, well, getting married, Monica sets up a surprise candlelit proposal (with a hand from Joey). Only Monica can't get through it, because she's so overcome with emotion. Chandler picks up the slack and joyfully puts a ring on her finger. (Obviously, the rest of the friends are eavesdropping outside the door.)
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After Chandler finds out Monica had a stripper at her bachelorette party (despite their mutual decision to forgo that tradition), Monica botches her makeup by accidentally sending Chandler a prostitute, instead of a dancer. So, she picks up the slack with a striptease of her own — narration and everything. "Ooh, these tennis shoes are so tight!"
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The wedding ceremony wasn't perfect — I mean, when Joey's your marriage officiant, what can you expect? — but it was perfect for Monica and Chandler. Also, everything the fans wanted: a landmark moment in their love story!
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The first time they imparted wisdom to a youth...and fantasized about stealing their friends' baby.
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When Chandler surprises Monica on Christmas by nixing a work trip and quitting his job for the sake of their marriage.
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Monica spends eight hours compiling a compendium of career-change opportunities for directionless Chandler. Their back-and-forth of cheesy advertising lines is classic.
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This heartbreaking conversation where they find out that Chandler's "low-motility sperm" and Monica's "inhospitable environment" mean their chances of conceiving a child together are very slim.

"We're gonna figure this out," Chandler promises.
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Monica and Chandler are relieved to found out that they both don't want to go through artificial insemination — and decide on adoption, instead. Chandler's romantic line: "I want to find a baby that needs a home and I want to raise it with you. And I want to mess it up in our own specific way."
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Monica and Chandler modeled exemplary conflict-resolution skills when they quash a silly fight with a "Call it even?" and a high-five.
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After seeing the couples pine for parenthood for so long, this was the ultimate surprise. When they find out they're having twins and Monica has to talk Chandler down from his panic-attack induced plan to put one up for adoption? That's teamwork.
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The gang meets the Geller-Bing baby...BUT OMG, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM.

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