11 Times Movie Characters Took Back Cheating Dudes

Hollywood loves to take on hot-button issues, and infidelity is certainly a popular one. People cheat, a lot. And while we'd like to think that most incidents end with Angela Bassett lighting a car on fire and stomping away like a badass, that's not always the case.

To quote one film that certainly doesn't condemn the practice of having sex on the side, "It's complicated." Sometimes infidelity results in divorce papers and smashed car windows. Sometimes it results in lukewarm breakups because neither party really cares all that much. And sometimes, it results in an apology and an immediate reconciliation. To each their own, etc.

The movies ahead highlight that third option, proving that some people really are more forgiving than we are. Nothing screams "sole custody and every nickel to your name" like having to put up with Glenn Close's shit because your husband got bored one weekend.

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