Samantha Bee Perfectly Roasted Donald Trump's Cinco De Mayo Tweet

On the scale of Donald Trump’s outrageous campaign moments, a tone-deaf Cinco de Mayo tweet falls somewhere near the bottom of the list. It’s not quite saying he might date his daughter, or saying he plans to build a border wall, but it is colossally silly. Trump is massively unpopular with American Hispanics, mainly for insinuating that Mexican immigrants are rapists.

A sharp-eyed reporter noticed something strange about the image. He’s eating his taco bowl atop a photo of ex-wife Marla Maples in a bikini. You know what they say, behind every taco bowl is a strong woman.


Anyway, these responses perfectly roasted Trump's tweet. The first is by Samantha Bee, the subject of a recent critical essay in the New Yorker. The image perfectly captures Bee’s appeal. It’s angry, specific, and righteous. It’s also hilarious.

Comedian Nathan Fielder had his own take on Trump's tweet. He publicly declared his love for Asians via a soup pic.

Of course, Crying Jordan made an appearance.

The final response, a meme, was simpler but maybe more incisive.


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