Jimmy Kimmel’s Mom Texts Are Solid Gold

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Teaching parents how to use social media can prove difficult, to say the least. And while we should cut them some slack (they didn't grow up with handheld devices like we did), it's just too much fun to enjoy their hilarious attempts. With Mother's Day coming up, Jimmy Kimmel decided to highlight a particularly comedic (and sometimes painful) form of parental communication: texting. The resulting video shows staffers reading texts they've recently received from their moms. The true genius of this short spot lies in the variety of texts represented. There's the unnecessarily long text, in which Mom turns something that's not even a story into a really boring novel. Then there's the "Why do you even have a cell phone if you're never going to answer it?" text. And, of course, the text in which Mom attempts to pull off a really bad joke. Yep, this still isn't funny, Mom, even on the 15th try. Watch the full thing below. Then, scroll through your recent texts from Mom to enjoy all the similar ones you've received — you know they're there. Love you Mom!

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