Nick Jonas "Can't Remember" If He Spray-Tans

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So we never thought we’d be privy to what Nick Jonas and Emily Ratajkowski do behind the closed doors of a spa, but Glamour has dropped the unexpected and random gift of just that information, so here we go.

The magazine talked shop and spa for a recent story, in which actress/model Ratajkowski and musician Jonas got intimate with some serious spa time. Ratajkowski dropped some major feminist truth bombs, and then things got a bit more personal. Here’s what we learned:

1. Nick prepared for his naked “Close” music video by spray-tanning. Well, maybe. Nick noted that he does appreciate the physique-defining effects of a bronzed bod, but he was a little cagey as to whether he partakes. “I don’t know if I got a spray tan or not, but, uh…maybe I did. I can’t remember. [laughs]”

Okay, Nick. You don't remember posing naked in awkward positions while a stranger misted freezing-cold orange liquid all over you? We get it, you have a lot going on. But you could also just own up to it. Ain't no shame in your spray-tan game.

2. Along with gym time and getting a tan and maybe doing laundry, Nick also appreciates a good spa day (specifically, “a nice steam-room situation”). And we love that in a man. We also love a guy who will delicately place foil-sheet masks on our faces while we lounge poolside in our favorite band tee. So, Nick: Whatcha doing Saturday?

3. As for EmRata, she seems to like a guy who can spa, too. “I’ve dragged my boyfriend to Korean spas, which is hilarious because he goes into a separate area with other naked men,” she told the mag. “Then you come out together, feel great, and swap stories.”

The couple that spas together stays together, amiright?


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