Heartwarming Images Of Family Beauty Routines

Sure, these days, the internet has become the primary source for all things beauty. But our deeper philosophies and rituals stem from a much more intimate and familiar source. We've learned from our mothers, grandmothers, and the women we grew up alongside.
Some of us have vivid memories of being a wide-eyed child looking up at our mom as she patted powder onto her cheeks or swiped color across her lips. Others hold strong to the ideals of a grandmother who pooh-poohed makeup altogether and had glowing skin well into her 90s. Some took notes from an older sister with mad braiding skills.
Whether we've adopted the beauty rituals that surrounded us in our formative years or rebelled against them, they've shaped who we are. So, we're taking an intimate look at the beauty rites and routines of three families. Each one is lucky enough to have three generations of women all living in the same city — some even under the same roof. Click through for beauty stories that've spanned generations and prepare for all the feels.

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