Emily Ratajkowski On Dealing With Twitter Trolls

Photo Credit: Carter Smith.
Emily Ratajkowski and Nick Jonas have a lot in common.

They both love music — Ratajkowski played an assistant and love interest of a DJ in We Are Your Friends, and Jonas is, duh, a singer; they both model — Ratajkowski for a number of publications, and who can forget Jonas's muscles.

But now, their paths have officially crossed when they spent 48 hours together for a spa weekend with Glamour magazine. Tough life, guys.

In addition to being groomed and pampered, Ratajkowski shared her thoughts on dealing with Twitter trolls, and that nude picture.

Recently, Ratajkowski's pastime seems to be spreading the gospel on female sexuality with her new wingwoman, Kim Kardashian. Glamour asked Ratajkowski about her nude selfie with Kardashian and what she thought of everyone's reaction. "I spent time with Kim Kardashian West after defending her nude selfie on Twitter," the model and actress said.

"It was bullshit that Piers Morgan [tweeted a joke about putting clothing on her], in my opinion. The important thing to remember is social media is not real life. People would never say those things in person."

Ratajkowski speaks the truth. Twitter trolls are the worst, and celebrity women often get the brunt of it, especially when nude pictures are involved. This is not the first, nor the last time the model has spoken out about her views on sexuality on social media.

The main takeaways? It's best not to feed the trolls and to remember that online abuse is fueled by the false confidence that comes with anonymity on the internet. And, it's always best to unplug and spend a relaxing weekend at the spa with Nick Jonas.

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