Pink Goes Back To Her Signature Hair Color

It's been a while since we've heard from Pink. But today, she's making headlines for the ultimate throwback move: dyeing her hair pink...again!

The 36-year-old showed off her bright new look on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday while promoting her latest single, "Just Like Fire," which is featured on the Alice Through the Looking Glass soundtrack. Last time the star graced the red carpet, her locks were an equally vibrant silver shade and styled in the same mohawk-esque manner.

If you're a "M!ssundaztood" and "Can't Take Me Home" fan, you'll know this isn't the neon hue she rocked back in the day. It's more of a pastel, bubblegum shade (sigh). As Pink would say: "Sometimes it be's like that."

But hey, we'll take any taste of nostalgia we can get. Now, excuse us while we play "There You Go" on repeat for the rest of the day in honor of her mane makeover.

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