The Rainbow Burger Is The Heat Death Of The Rainbow Food Trend

Thomas Pynchon’s iconic short story “Entropy” takes as its subject the possibility of the heat death of the universe. That’s when the entire universe is the same temperature, and all molecules stop moving. Callisto and Aubade, two characters, sit upstairs in a hermetically sealed greenhouse and watch the thermometer as it doesn’t move. Then Aubade smashes the window and lets in the apocalypse. We’ve achieved a similar state with rainbow foods. First, the rainbow bagel had us all excited. Then there were a host of others, notably a rainbow grilled cheese. Now, there’s a rainbow burger, the rock has gone through the window, and the universe has reached total entropy.
The burger in question is at Joe’s Bar on the Upper West Side and it looks pretty good. Joe’s created the burger for Burger Week, a ticketed event running May 1-7. Unfortunately, the burger seems to have been a one-day-only affair, that day having been Monday, but maybe they’ll bring it back. Then again, now that we’ve hit peak rainbow, maybe nothing matters and all activity will cease forever. We should be so lucky.

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