Hold Up: Britney Spears Is Still Under A Conservatorship?

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock.
It's been almost a decade since Britney Spears experienced something of a public meltdown. But these days, the singer seems to be thriving. Her Vegas residency is making bank and has been extended for two more years, she was apparently the fifth highest-earning female musician of 2015, and (at least theoretically) one of these days she's going to drop a new album. And yet — despite the fact that Spears seems to be functioning at optimal levels — she's still under a court-approved conservatorship, according to The New York Times. "According to the arrangement," the Times reports, "which is typically used to protect the old, the mentally disabled or the extremely ill, Ms. Spears cannot make key decisions, personal or financial, without the approval of her conservators: her father, Jamie Spears, and a lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet." Translation: When Spears wants to, say, buy a pack of Skittles, even her most minor purchases are tracked in court documents. The bigger picture is that ultimately, the 34-year-old doesn't actually have any control over her own fortune: She's not allowed to make any "key decisions" without the approval of her father and her lawyer. Now that her life has leveled out, the conservatorship could end up getting lifted, putting Brit back into the driver's seat of her own affairs. But there's something fishy about why this has all lasted so long in the first place — and the trail leads back to her dad, who is reportedly responsible for Spears' mental and physical health, as well as managing her estate and negotiating business opportunities. It seems likely Jamie Spears doesn't undertake all of this entirely out of fatherly devotion: According to the Times, he receives $130,000 per year to fulfill these duties, along with the amount of his office rent — and 1.5% of the revenue from her Vegas pull. Interesting. Veeerrrrryyyyy interesting.

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