This Woman’s Spray-Tan Fail Will Make You Cringe

Photo: Via Imgur.
We've seen a lot of spray-tan fails over the years. Whether it's applying too much, applying it in all the wrong places (oh hey, orange palms), or applying the wrong color, the potential for user fail is high. But the latest mishap to come across our browsers takes the cake — by far. An Imgur user by the name of thiscontradiction apparently partook in an epic sob session immediately after getting a spray tan. Instead of (or maybe, in addition to) being left with red and puffy undereyes, she was also gifted with a semipermanent stream of tan tears. "Spray-tan tears won't go away," she captioned the image, which has 3 million views along with 800+ comments and counting since she posted it two days ago. Seriously, who did this to you? Among the comments are the obvious comparisons ("Because there's swirls of cinnamon sugar in every bite!") as well as actually helpful tips. One user, who claims to be a former tanning salon employee, recommended exfoliating and adding a little additional self-tanner afterward. "Also if you go back in, they might fix it for free," the person added. Another helpful user weighed in with some throwback advice from Jennifer Lopez's character in The Wedding Planner. "Quarter cup of lemon juice. Half a cup of salt. Scrub, scrub, scrub." J.Lo is here to wipe away your tears, girl.

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