Stella Maxwell Repped Her British Roots In Topshop At The Met Gala

Until a few years ago, fast fashion on the red carpet (much less the incredibly lavish Met Gala red carpet) would’ve been a fairly ridiculous concept. But in the past couple years, we’ve seen a few of our go-to retailers make cameos at the ultra-swishy gala, and this year, Topshop (and H&M) are dressing more celebs for the big event than ever before. Model Stella Maxwell is in Topshop’s posse for this year’s big event, wearing a rose gold body-skimming gown with skinny straps and a generous train. There’s even some hometown pride at play tonight for the model who said “being from the U.K. makes going with Topshop extra special. My mum and dad are excited for me!” she told us. As for the merging of man and machine, per the gala’s theme this year, the beaded detail on Maxwell’s dress was created by heating guipure fabric at 45 degrees, in order to curl the sequins (the intended effect: lots of movement). Maxwell filled us in on the dress in question, who she’ll be hanging with at the Met Gala, and more.

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How does your look channel this year 's Manus x Machina theme?
“The idea behind the theme is to discuss the relationship between haute couture and ready-to-wear and the incredible evolution from hand to sewing machines to computers that generate images of ideas. In this day and age, it’s a blurry line between ready-to-wear and couture. Cristóbal Balenciaga was designing gowns at age 12 — do we have that today? No. Will we ever again? I doubt it. It’s a different time; we have a different relationship with fashion. My dress was made through a modern process, but I still had a tailor come in and do the finishing touches completely by hand. So I think some things will remain the same. There will always be a touch of the past in the future. They play off each other.” Why is it meaningful for you — and your career — to go to the Met Gala?
"The Met Gala is an event that everyone looks forward to being invited to — it represents the merging of art and fashion. I think it’s wonderful to encourage that idea, as designers are, without a doubt, artists. And, of course it’s a lovely excuse to be glamorous with your friends for an evening.” So, who will you probably be chilling with tonight?
“I’m really excited to be seeing my friends — Lily Rose Depp, Bella [Hadid], and Taylor Hill are some of my girls, and it’ll be fun to hang out with them, for sure.” What dream wearable-tech invention is absolutely missing in your life?
“It would be great if they made clothing that you didn’t have to press, and that would never wrinkle. I’m on the move a lot, and occasionally, I cram my outfits into my suitcase on the go. Imagine all-organic fabrics that self-steamed and self-pressed; that would be amazing.”
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop.
Why is it meaningful for the fashion industry that a fast-fashion brand like Topshop is being worn at the Met Gala?
"I think it’s really indicative of today’s culture — fashion reaches so many people, and brands like Topshop make owning a beautiful dress or outfit accessible. Imagine one dress made by hand, who could afford that today and who would have the time to wait for that? Of course that market still exists but for a select few people. It’s so fun that everyone is involved in fashion. It’s so great that someone can make their own outfit of a design they made on their computer, or a trained designer can craft a masterpiece or Topshop can make a beautiful dress that a young girl going to an event can wear and feel beautiful. The key to fashion is to spark confidence and the feeling of beauty. It’s really wonderful I love that everyone can participate.” How does getting ready for the Met Gala compare to prepping for a typical red carpet?
“The Met Gala has a life of its own. It’s a glamorous way to celebrate fashion and the history of fashion. The film industry has the Oscars, the music industry has the Grammys, and we have the Met Gala. I know all of the events bridge art and fashion and creative genres, but the Met Gala is fashion centric and that’s what separates it from other events.”

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