Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 3 Recap: Rob’s Homecoming

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Home is where the heart is, at least that's how it is on this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kourtney and company are talking and doing all things house and hearth for episode 3 and everyone gets a tour of Rob's new house. We start with a glimpse of Kourtney at the supermarket with Corey and Mason. Mason is excited about the natural chewing gum, but he and Corey can’t seem to crack Kourtney’s strict pantry rules of the house: Organic? Okay. Organic and vegan? Toss it in the cart. Later, Corey and Khloé are over for gluten-free, non-dairy pizza. None of the kids want to eat it. Pizza ends up on the floor. Faces are made. Luckily for little Mason, he loses a tooth (can we blame the sad pizza?) and his mom only has a $100 bill for the Tooth Fairy. The kid can buy a lot of natural gum for himself. This is a big week for Kourtney, obsessive interior design enthusiast. She and her house are being photographed for a cover story for Architectural Digest. Design heavy-hitters Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Architectural Digest Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell are on deck for the shoot. Kourtney jokes that her office looks great, but “too bad I don’t work in this office.” She is genuinely excited about the opportunity. Some of the excitement is tempered by the fact that the magazine is also shooting at Khloé’s house, and she has to share the cover with her younger sister. Design is her thing, not Khloé’s. But she doesn’t let it get her down for too long. “The fact that I’m sharing the cover with Khloé is just crazy. We’re the first siblings to share an Architectural Digest cover. So it is such an amazing day.” Kourtney has lots of opinions for everyone throughout the episode on all things design and housewares. When she gets a copy of the magazine, she immediately starts critiquing Khloé’s house. “The only thing I cannot stand is a couple of things,” she says, un-ironically. Later, she burns a path through Rob’s new house, despite that her mom’s friend, Faye Resnick (yes, that Faye Resnick) and her mom having spent the last 24-hours pulling the place together for Rob. Kourtney finds mugs in the cabinets just like the ones she has at home. “I go to lengths to get things that no one else has,” Kourtney says, clearly annoyed. “No one copy me.” Resnick has installed Robert Kardashian’s desk in Rob’s office along with a rug that she says reminds her of the elder Kardashian. “It reminds me of your father. It’s like an old-world thing.” Kourtney, of course, hates the rug and a lot of Faye’s other choices. Kris is embarrassed that her daughter has come in and criticized her friend’s work. Kris brings it up later with Kim, explaining that she brought Faye in to help but Kourtney, “Designer, Decorator, Home enthusiast extraordinaire,” is getting carried away. Kim goes so far as to call her sister the new diva. When Kris brings it up to Kourtney, the eldest Kardashian is not contrite. She doesn’t want to lie about something she doesn’t like, and she certainly doesn’t want to share her source for awesome pool towels. She has, according to her, opinions that many, many, many people all over the world care about. Kris then has what might be the best line of the night in response: “Are you on team Kanye?” Speaking of Rob and his new house, the elusive Kardashian brother makes his first on-screen appearance. Early in the episode, it seems that his sisters are coming around to his relationship with Blac Chyna and are genuinely excited for him and the new digs. Kim says it straight up in the beginning: “If this is what it takes, I don’t care who he’s dating. More power to her.” Everyone is excited about his new house and hopefully a new start.
Everyone that is, except for Khloé. Rob and Khloé have always been close, and the rift between them has only expanded. When Kourtney talks about how close they are, we see a montage of home movies and clips from the show. “Rob is my best friend,” Kourtney says at one point. The two were always together, even if the world didn’t see it. She feels like she supported him through the bad times and now he’s moving on without talking to her. She spends the entire episode talking to everyone about Rob, clearly working through it with her family and BFF Malika. Kris is in full momager mode at Rob’s house, despite Kourtney’s design services, joking with Rob on the phone. “I can tell that Rob is getting really excited about life again.” She challenges Khloé on her anger about her brother. Khloé is less resentful about the help her mom is giving him than about the fact that she supported Rob for six years and took a lot of grief about enabling him. Mother and daughter butt heads again about Rob’s move when the movers show up to get his stuff at Khloé’s house. Khloé is adamant that her assistants are not helping with the move. “Rob’s inconveniencing my life. He’s done that enough for years.” In the end, though, it is Khloé who makes the first move in patching things up with Rob. At Malika’s urging, she gives him a call. When she doesn’t get an answer, she decides to drop by his house. He’s not there, but she’s glad she made the first move. “Just keep trying,” Malika says. Khloé and Rob’s sibling drama plays to the episode's additional underlying theme about what makes a family. Kim and Khloé are convinced it is weird that Kourtney spends so much time with Corey. An Instagram picture from a hike they went on with Kourtney’s kids looks an awful lot like a happy family photo, not a picture with your mother’s boyfriend. In typical Kourtney style, she’s unconcerned about her sisters’ concerns. Corey is her friend, she says, and if they want to get to know more about him, they should just ask. She challenges Kim by saying that she doesn’t know where Kanye went to high school. They both agree that doesn’t matter, though, because, hey, Kim doesn’t know where Kanye went to high school either. Kim takes the advice to heart, and we see an interesting scene between Kim and Corey. He reveals that he doesn’t come from a big family. “My family dynamic is nothing like y’all’s,” he tells Kim. “I never had a house full of people.” Kim realizes this is part of why he spends so much time with Kourtney and her kids. She also takes a second to reflect on how lucky she feels to have a big family of her own. Don’t worry. This moment between Kim and Corey isn’t all feelings and sentiment, there is some trademark wackiness, too. Kim asks him what he’s been doing all day. “Taking care of your queen,” he says. She doesn’t miss a beat with a perfect deadpan response with the second best line of the episode: “What a fun job you have.”

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