Grey’s Anatomy Season 12, Episode 21 Recap: Picking Sides

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On last night's episode, Callie and Arizona have to ask friends to chose sides in their custody battle. I hope there's a sign in the hospital break room that says "Drama Free Zone." Just for the irony.
Owen and Amelia wake up to Meredith and her kids seeing them on her couch in all their nakedness. This leads to two things they would rather do without: Meredith trying to push them together and Meredith joking about Owen's penis. Stephanie and the sexy guitarist must be serious, because now she comes with him to doctor visits. Unfortunately, he has a new tremor. But Amelia kicks her off the case, because you can't operate on your boyfriend. Stephanie does not take this well at all, but she gets to have a cute moment kissing him goodbye at the OR doors. However, after dealing with a tense waiting room stay — something she remembers from all her time in the hospital as a kid — she decides to break up with him, through a letter she leaves him while he's unconscious. Valid reasons but still, cold.
To make things super awkward in light of the custody battle, Penny is on Arizona's service. While performing an ultrasound on April, Arizona thinks she finds something wrong with the baby's brain. This causes April to flip out and lash out at Arizona, because that's what April does. She lashes out. This would be a really great time to demonstrate the renewed relationship between April and Jackson, but he just kind of stands there. Missed opportunity, Grey's writers. In the end, the baby is totally fine, but Arizona tells them they need to find a new Ob.
In this episode's heartbreaking patient saga, a doorman brings in a resident from his building with a head injury, and he's obviously 100% in love with him. The patient tells Meredith he'd never leave his wife, but then the docs discover he has inoperable, terminal cancer. He has a year to live, but he still sends his doorman BF away. When the patient's wife tips the guy, it's painful.
Alex is super quick to shut Callie down when she asks him to be on her side for the custody battle, explaining he likes both of them. But Owen and Meredith are full-on team Callie, and Arizona has Richard. Will the entire hospital have to choose teams eventually? Probably, but it looks like they're going to draw this conflict out.
In the grand tradition of Grey's romantic speeches that tend to seem more like nervous breakdowns, Amelia shows up on Owen's doorstep and asks to be a committed couple. He wholeheartedly accepts (i.e. there's a lot of making out). Next week, Grey's Anatomy goes to court!

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